How To Promote Small Accounting Business On Facebook

In the last decade, technology and social media have become integral part of business. For marketing a business, social media site like Facebook has been doing a great job. Over the years, ways of sharing information between the consumers have been altered also. So, business owners certainly understand the requirement of incorporating social media site like Facebook in the marketing plans. BTHAWK can help to generate lead and connect with them. Understanding about the structures of Facebook, strategies can be created to obtain optimum benefit from it. Growth of the company can be ensured through this mode also.

Facebook is considered best possible social media network to promote a small accounting company. Billions of users have been using the Facebook. Initially, social media site like Facebook has been a mode of communication between friends and to let others know what they have been doing. However, it has surpassed the personal sphere and has become marketing tool now. Dream of marketing a business on a larger scale can become reality for the small business owners with the Facebook.

For digital marketing on Facebook, you do not have to be a technical expert. Through following ways, small accounting firm can promote their company in Facebook. To attract the client, can offer necessary assistance. High quality leads can be developed in the process.

Facebook Page

Through your company profile on Facebook, prospective customers can be offered necessary backdrop to let them know about their different kinds of services. It is certainly important to disseminate information regarding the business. Pictures, videos, logos and others things related to the business can be uploaded. Links of your website can be provided through the Facebook profile also. Town, city and neighbourhood must be mentioned. In this way, your business can be found easily by the customers.

Finding Friends

By using the friend finder tool, contact of the friends can be imported through email accounts on Facebook. Contacts can be identified easily on the Facebook. Some contacts can be made on the basis of mutual friends also. It can be either a business or an individual. Following to the creation of profile, it enables the business owners to search business contacts and clients through this tool.


Status can be updated and posted in the wall of your Facebook account. Status update can be looked as newsfeed like platform. Through this platform, an announcement can be made for your business. Promotion of the business can be done with the process quite easily. Referral incentive can be displayed at the location also to attract more customers. If there is new addition with the accounting service then it can be publicized also.

ust before the tax season, clients can be informed about the use of BTHAWK GST Billing Software and its advantages. Reminder about the taxes can be given to the clients and prospective customers once a week also. Clients can be wished during holiday seasons. In this way, more clients can be acquired during tax season.

Reminders and messages can be posted on the walls of user also. On the occasion, you must remember that these posts are not private. Therefore, message for the post must be formed adequately.

Small Accounting Business On Facebook

Event Hosting

In case you have an experience with the organization of events like luncheons for the business partners or clients then you must be aware of the requirement on such situations. Flyers can be printed or mails can be sent to the guests. However, it is really tiring process. Therefore, schedules and description of the event can be posted on the Facebook with the picture. Invitation can be sent to the client in the process. Relationship bond between the client and accounting can be strengthened too.

Joining Groups

Group is made of people with similar likes and interests. It is possible to become a part of a group due to professional or personal reasons. If you join a group with the name of your accounting company then any post from you on the group can be viewed by others.

Liking Pages

By liking different pages, posts and pictures on Facebook, your presence on the platform can be established. Support can be offered to the other business owners by liking their post.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace can be looked as a platform similar to classified ads online. Goods and services can be exchanged in the process. It is one of the best places to advertise about features of your company as an accounting service. If you have a unique aspect then it can be highlighted also. Eye can kept on the local talent as well.

Facebook notes

As an accounting company, you can share your thoughts on the Facebook notes also. Blog format is generally noticed on the occasion. Newsletter from the company can be posted on the occasion. If there is a major change in the tax rules and regulations then it can be updated also. It cal also serves as a platform to give out your opinion. Both the current and prospective clients can access these notes. So, it can be looked as a great way to generate traffic.

Facebook Badge 

From your company website, you can add a link to the Facebook page with the help of Facebook Badge. Posts, interest and all your shared content can be seen on the location

Facebook Ads

One of the best ways to promote a small accounting business is through Facebook ads. Slick features are offered by Facebook to design the advertisement. Cost of the campaign can be informed to you beforehand. Based on the ‘cost per click’, pricing is generally decided. There is also mode like ‘cost per impression’ which is the number of advertisement appearance on the page.

For lead generation, BTHAWK has significant amount of experience with the small accounting company. To ensure a stronger presence online, you must utilize the platform of Facebook properly. By taking help of the professionals, you may able to get some insight about the marketing plans. It is always important to invest in a balanced marketing plan.